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In conflict, everyone experiences universal “normal” responses to abnormal circumstances. In this series, expert psychologists inform those taking part in the series about PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and conflict related challenges, equipping them with the tools and strategies to cope with, process and heal trauma, anxiety, stress, and other normal responses to conflict. These experts in the field work with Ukrainian adults and youth through Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and other psycho-social support techniques, modelling these techniques on screen for you, our viewers. This is a very practical therapy including advice, detailed exercises and coping strategies, which will help you and your community to heal post-conflict.



Please find references below that cover PTSD, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and similar topics.

How to help a child cope with a loss
Guide for parents - Health and Development Center "Family Circle"

This guide is designed to support you, the parent, in helping your child through the bereavement experience. We hope that the ten selected tasks and methods of support will help you to understand the path of experiencing loss well and navigate it well.

Information resources - Health and Development Center "Family Circle"


Care of children under time of conflicts and forced migration - Professor Rachel Kalam, Dr. Aala El-Hani and Dr. Kim Cartwright

The Parent Guide for Refugee Parents - Atle Dyregrov and Magne Raundalen

Reactions to traumatic life events, focusing on self-care and advice to parents about the parental role, advice that parents can give their children. The guide can be downloaded both as a PDF and as an app.

Courtesy of Red Cross.

Workbook by William Yule, Kateryna Yavna, and Denis Ughrin

This booklet refers to the children's illustrated book "RUCKSACK" ("Rucksack") by Diana Redmond and Lilia Martyniuk, as well as other books published thanks to "Children and war" to support Ukrainian children in overcoming reactions to the war.

Important skills in times of stress Illustrated guide

Provided by the World Health Organization.


Created by the EECERA Special Interest Group: Refugee or Migrant Children.

Автори: Authors: Patrick Smith, Atle Deargrove, and William Yule. Translated by Oleksandra Antonyshyn Scientific editorship of Kateryna Yavnaya.

Courtesy of Children and War.

Professor Arieh Y. Shalev

Quick survival tips for civilians under military stress.

Courtesy of NATAL Israel.