The Kindness Garden

For the next generation of very young Ukrainian citizens, with a free, safe and peaceful Ukraine in mind, this 38-episode series delivers trauma-informed learning for well-being and socio-emotional support for children aged 3-8, through live-action animation. Each episode has a host, children, and an animated narrative story directly addressing several key socio-emotional competencies and skills from the Think Equal programme. This series is designed to facilitate positive Early Years development for positive life outcomes while helping children deal with post-conflict trauma, anger, withdrawal and anxiety by establishing a foundation in such critical skills as emotional literacy, emotion regulation, self-esteem, problem-solving and empathy.



Please find references below that cover PTSD, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and similar topics.

The child and the wise snail

Courtesy of EGMONT Fonden and the Red Cross

This book is about a child who left his country because of danger.
The book tells about common psychological reactions to such a situation and gives useful advice to children when similar reactions are manifested.
This book also encourages children to describe or draw their own stories and situations in which they felt brave and strong.
The book is especially suitable for children aged 5-12, it is good to read aloud.


Created by the EECERA Special Interest Group: Refugee or Migrant Children.

Courtesy of Good Chance.